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Our SETC Work for your clients is insured by Audit Protection and Professional Liability Errors & Omissions Insurance

Professional Liability Errors & Omissions Insurance

AA+ S&P Rating

A++ A.M. Best Rating

Start making tens of thousands a month and help OUR economy thrive past Covid

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If you would like to become our Referral Partner, please submit your information to go through our qualifying process.  We are invested in maintaining the professionalism and integrity of our Organization and would like you to go through our interviewing process.  We are eager to work with the right professionals and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Here's why!

Thousands of Referral Partners Ultimately Decide to Choose Us as Their Preferred SETC Partner

Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Wealth Managers, Banks, Lenders, Insurance Agents, Payroll Companies, PEOs, Marketers, Publishers, Influencers and a Variety of Professionals refer their clients to us


We Protect YOU

We have REAL Audit Protection which allows us to Always Stand By Our Work

ALL of Our SETC work is Insured by AA+ &A++ Rating with Professional Liability and Error & Omissions Insurance (documented in our client agreement) for our Clients peace of mind. It’s $2m per occurrence and is insured for the lifetime of the 5 year audit period.

Each client receives a full report with calculations, and a copy of application for their records.

We are compliant with IRS Circular 230 which prevents unnecessary fines and audits (Every respectable and reliable SETC tax firm should know what this is.)


We are the Fastest to File

We Can Handle Volume with Speed
We have taken the time to build a stronger foundation for our clients. Our real time expansion abilities to meet the requirements of taking on more volume allows us to remain true to our commitment of being the fastest to file.

It Takes Only 48 Hours
We have perfected a system that takes just 48 hours from qualifying and calculating to filing the SETC application (once the documents are submitted).


Live Support You Can Trust


We Know the QualificationCalculation Process


Applying SETC

We take the time to strategically qualify each client and apply their income and days into calculations in a way that maximizes the SETC amount substantially.


We Are Exact

We calculate the exact SETC amount for each client and refrain from giving them inflated estimates.


100% Success Rate

We have a 100% success rate. Our clients receive our properly calculated SETC refund.

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Real People, Real Money, Real Results


Lets Talk Money!


Flexible Payment Options

Pay in Full or In Monthly Installments via PayPal (6, 12, 24 months)


Client Fees

Our client fees can be selected by you (22% to 30%) You Decide!


We Pay You Quick

We like to pay you fast. Once we get paid, and so, you get paid.


Checks Sent Directly

The SETC checks are mailed directly to your client by the US Treasury.


Up to 20% for You

Start earning at 15% and earn your way up to 20% of every SETC refund invoice based on your performance from each client you refer


Earn 5% for Your Sub-Affiliates

Earn an average of 5% of every SETC refund invoice from your direct referral partners (sub-affiliates)


7 Days or Less

Our affiliates always get paid within 7 days of us getting paid.

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Our Transparent Affiliate Portal

Track your referrals in full transparency, with real time status updates.

Stay on the pulse from a new client submission to client receiving their checks, ultimately leading to your commissions getting paid.

All prefiling client statuses

Your estimated commissions

Client SETC approval statuses

Client invoice statuses

Affiliate commission statuses

and more!


Our Affiliate Portal has Limitless Possibilities...


Use Your Marketing Links & Get Credit

Once your client clicks on your link, there are cookies for up to 6 months to ensure you get the credit you deserve.


Sign Up a client

You close the deal with your client and can send the onboarding email to start the process in the client portal


You Choose the Client Fee Percentage

You get to choose the client fee percentage. Choose any fee between 22% and 30%.


Submit "The Client Intake Questionnaire"

Next, you can complete and submit the questionnaire within the portal, as long as the client is on the phone with you or in person with you as you fill it out. We are big on compliance, so your submission will then be sent to the client for their approval


Upload Client Documents

You can upload your clients documents from within the affiliate portal yourself. Just 3 simple PDFs needed (2019, 2020, 2021 Full Tax Returns)


Set Your Notifications

You'll get email notifications through every step of the lead process



You can be copied on ALL client communication (or opt out of it if you'd like!)

Work with the #1-Rated SETC Firm!

  • Other affiliates have earned $100 - 900 of each gross SETC refund by referring a business to our SETC Program.

  • Our affiliate program offers generous compensation to our referral partners, making it a great opportunity to earn extra income while helping businesses secure their future.

  • 90% of eligible Self Employed Individuals still have not applied for the SETC tax refund.

  • Earn up to 20% of every SETC refund invoice based on your performance from each business you refer.

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Your Relationship & Referrals are in Good Hands

We are committed to ensuring your referrals receive the highest quality of service.

Make a Sizable Income by helping Businesses Recover a little-known sizable Tax Credit.

This is the Self Employed Tax Credit (SETC) referral partner opportunity in a nutshell.

What if you could walk into virtually any business, offer them a large chunk of money with no strings attached, and walk out with a sizable commission check having very little expertise?

We know that you are busy working on many different projects for your clients and might not have time to stay on top of referring your clients or friends hence our Affiliate portal makes it easy and 1 - 2 -3.  Just use your marketing link to text you friends and that it or use one of our email marketing templates for you clients.

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, accurate tax credit services focusing on accounting integrity and client satisfaction.

Once you partner with IRSplus, our industry experts will help your clients to identify and pursue tax savings opportunities with no extra work for you to do. You can trust that we will take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – building and maintaining relationships with your clients.

Gain amazing benefits when you choose us as your trusted SETC filing Partner.

How does the SETC Referral Program Work?

Apply & Get Accepted
Create Your Free Referral Partner Account

Gain access to our Referral Partner web portal and complete the basic training (15 minutes) to unlock your referral links.

Share & Introduce SETC to Everyone

Gain access to our Referral Partner web portal and complete the basic training (15 minutes) to unlock your referral links.

Track your Referred SETC Clients & Get Paid

Our robust platform gives you full visibility of each SETC filing. You can track real-time progress of each status update and payment.

What You Get as a Referral Partner

  • Sales and prospecting consulting

  • Responsive IT and marketing support

  • Guest podcast opportunities and shareable social media content

  • Customized partner dashboard for data tracking

  • More referrals from happy clients

What You Get as a Referral Partner

  • Best Customer Service Support

  • Maximum SETC returns

  • Easy-to-understand calculations

  • More money to grow their business

  • The friendliest filing fees in the industry

  • Excellent customer service

  • Audit-Protection guarantee

  • Work Insured by Berkshire Hathaway

Schedule a 10-minute call to learn more about the Referral Partner Program:

Your Commission is Up to 20% of What IRSplus Collects

We value our referral partners being involved in tax credit projects and supporting their clients in collecting the necessary information needed to calculate a tax credit. Recognizing this important role our referral partners play in helping people access their SETC, we want to work collaboratively with them and share a percentage of our fees with them.

Here's an example of how much you can make as a referral partner for IRSplus:

Let’s say you refer 10 Self-Employed Individuals, which is pretty typical. Average Client SETC Refund in Range of $10k to $20k

With 20 Clients, one can normally expect a credit of about

$200,000 to $400,000

IRSplus's fee would be about

$44,000 to $88,000

Your commission from this referred deal would be

$6,600 to $13,200 - for just one deal!

It Pays to be Competitive!

It Pays to be Competitive!

Let’s say you refer a qualified business with 20 employees, which is pretty typical – many will have even more employees than that.

How many deals like this could you refer in just one month?

That of course depends on the amount of effort you are willing to put in. However, we are confident that even by sending out 10 emails a day or speaking to qualified organizations, you could probably get at least 5 to 10 deals like this every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t this become saturated if too many people become SETC referral partners?
This is always a concern for some people when they look at a referral program. The good news is that the SETC opportunity will never become saturated. The reason is that there are approximately 44 million individuals that qualify for the credit, and it is estimated that single digit percentage have applied and those that did are reapplying with us because to get more money.

The market is absolutely wide open! There is a 16 month window for this opportunity and there is absolutely no concern whatsoever about saturation.  The 1st deadline is April 15th, 2024 for 46% of the incentive to expire.
How long will it take for me to get paid?
You will receive your commission as soon as we receive our fee. In general, it takes about a week from the time you refer a client to IRSplus for the refund to be calculated depending on how soon the client provides their documents, then another 3 to 4 months for the IRS to send the checks to the client.

Once the client receives the checks, they pay IRSplus and IRSplus pays you within a few days.

If you look at this as a longer-term opportunity and are willing to work hard on this for the next one to two years, you could realistically walk away with seven figures.
What is the best way to market the SETC program to individuals?
There are numerous marketing approaches you can adopt to find self employed individuals that you can introduce to IRSplus.

Start with the people you know and the places you frequent. Most importantly remember that parents can get up to 5x more SETC amount.You can visit local small businesses in person, do cold calling, cold emailing, direct mail, various forms of online marketing, or whatever you are most comfortable with. Whichever method you choose, the approach is pretty straightforward.

Start with the question:

“Hey, have you claimed your self employed covid tax credit yet, because 99% have not and its about to expire?”

The answer will either be “yes”, “no”, or “what are you talking about?”

If it is one of the latter two, this opens up the conversation to introduce IRSplus as their risk-free solution.
Why wouldn’t you do this through your accountant?
Most accountants are not specialists in this area of tax law. This is why 1,000s of them refer their clients to us.

If you make enough contacts, you may run into the 1% that have already claimed their credit, however we have seen that they only claimed it for themselves and not for their children so they can reapply and get up to 5x more SETC and this means that they either did it through their accountant who did not know all the ways to qualify.

However, if they are sitting here in 2024 and haven’t filed for their SETC yet, then most likely their accountant either doesn’t know about it, doesn’t know how to file it, or thinks their client doesn’t qualify because they are unfamiliar with the updated rules.

When this happens, you can simply suggest that they get a second opinion from IRSplus without any risk on their part.
What are the most common objections that an individual will have to claim their SETC?
We understand that some people may be hesitant to believe that they are eligible for free money with no strings attached.

It’s too good to be true” Might be the most common one.

But in this case, it actually IS TRUE!

There are very few objections that a person could have to receive free money that has no conditions on how it has to be used and never has to be paid back!

In some cases, their accountant may have wrongly told them that they don’t qualify. Or they might not believe they qualify because their revenue increased in 2020 and 2021 and they do not realize that a revenue loss is not a requirement. 90% of qualified SETC individuals haven't heard of the incentive yet.

You can reassure them by leaning on IRSplus's credibility. As a company that has been around for almost a decade and helped thousands of clients recover BILLIONS in Tax Credit refunds.We have worked with some of the biggest names across a wide range of industries, and our track record speaks for itself. Your referrals can trust that they are taking on absolutely no risk by getting a second opinion from one of our SETC specialists. Our team of experts can help them understand their eligibility and ensure that they recover every dollar they are entitled to.
Could the SETC program run out of money before it expires in 2025?

Although anything is possible, this scenario is highly likely. With only $50 Billion and $44 Million individuals, it's first come first serve.

1st Deadline is April 15th, 2024
1st Deadline is April 15th, 2024
Don’t Lose 46% of your Refund